Transaction Management

Transaction management is divided into various areas within the scope of asset management.
From acquisition to selling and possibly even beyond to leasing, transaction management is broadly diversified and not defined institutionally or academically. The various service providers are therefore not bound to standardized and defined service catalogs. The result is a sometimes highly variable quality of consulting for clients.

At CFE, we integrate all common service catalogs and combine them with our extensive experience gained over years of practice.
Whether buying or selling, CFE provides many years of experience in "real estate investment". 
We support you in all stages of the transaction process, independently of any particular party, with the following services:


Vendor consulting:

  • Determination of the marketing strategy until the sale is concluded
  • Determination of a market-conform sales price
  • Preparation of the object documents



Purchaser advice:

  • Acquisition of single properties or portfolios
  • Coordination of Due Diligence processes
  • Real estate evaluation
  • Identification of investment opportunities
  • Support with purchase contract negotiations



Object and market analyses:

  • Determination and provision of current property and management figures
  • Value assessment of the object
  • Macro and micro analyses incl. individual clusters
  • Determination of value potentials and risks
  • Rolling Forecast




  • Creation of detailed exposés and teasers
  • Presentation of the property in an information memorandum
  • Extraction of development potentials
  • Selective addressing of potential buyers
  • Implementation of structured bidding procedures



Data Room Structuring:

  • Provision of all relevant digital object files via an encrypted, cloud-based system in real time
  • Professional and transparent process management in the support of sales mandates
  • Continuous action controlling and reporting to defined stakeholders
  • Coordination and execution of data/transaction meetings



Mediation of the purchaser/vendor:

  • Structuring and implementation of the transaction process
  • Determination & control of transaction risk
  • Design of the negotiation tactics.
  • Acquisition of objects (due diligence "commercial & technical")
  • Cash flow modeling
  • Pricing in conformity with the market
  • Price negotiations
  • Special investigations (real estate taxes, building condition analyses, contaminated sites)
  • Advice and support for financing discussions