Familiy Office

CFE with its qualities of discreet care and support is available for families and family assets with a variety of services.
As an independent and professional provider of family office consulting, our approach is to always consider assets as a balanced overall package.

The framework of our services is defined not by a selective examination of the current asset situation, but by a holistic consideration of the history, the individual characteristics of its owners and family members as well as all other factors and motives of the owners that are relevant to the assets.
We are accustomed to and well-known for the discreet, individual and highly professional handling of sometimes very individual and ambitious intentions of our clients.

Your sustainability is our standard!

Based on this understanding, we will work with you on all aspects of your business to develop a long-term strategic partnership, in which we advise and support your family in all conceivable management, financial and asset decisions.

Our goal is to preserve your wealth philosophy in compliance with the family tradition, to establish current and future approaches and to pass them on to your next generation.
A personal contact within our company is of course available for you 24 hours a day. Secured online access to your asset databases and portfolios up to your management reporting systems "just-in-time" can also be guaranteed at any time.

Anywhere in the world: CFE is available for you with a simple touch on your tablet or smartphone!