Anyone who successfully competes in a constantly changing market knows their strengths. Or do they?

Changes in the global markets, especially in the financial markets or the constant deterioration of corporate taxation, social security contributions to the disadvantage of the employer, require from time-to-time accurate position analysis in the focus of current events and the market.
The punctual analysis of your situation secures potentials, recognizes chances, identifies risks and maintains important innovative ability.

Rapid response times ensure the competitiveness of your company. It is the strongest lever for profitability and growth.
Short reaction times mean the consistent use of existing knowledge and expertise, accelerates innovation processes and forms the best protective mechanisms in competition.

Ongoing analysis creates intellectual capital statements thus form the basis for increasing the ability to innovate and entrepreneurial action.
A company analysis refers to the systematic investigation of various circumstances with regard to all components that determine it.

A dedicated business analysis therefore provides the foundation for all future business planning.
The conclusions from this analysis develop various scenarios, so-called "must-do`s", strategies and exit.


Our business analyses contains:

  • key figure related data (balance sheet analysis)
  • resource-related data
  • process-oriented data
  • SWOT analysis (Strenghts, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • customer satisfaction
  • Market Analysis
  • Competition Analysis & Benchmarking