Financial Rating

Your tool for financial negotiations of any kind!

A rating is an absolutely convincing financial instrument for every active entrepreneur.
Companies listed on the stock exchange are classified within the framework of so-called "investment grades" and the probability of default will be published.
For small and medium-sized companies, no publication is required. However, a rating is essential for any form of sustainable and successful financial communication with a thirdpartie.

After the introduction of Basel II - III, banks are forced to make their own internal ratings of their corporate customers. The type, content and focus of the rating are mostly kept nebulous and entrepreneurs are confronted with faits accomplis. The result is no objective analysis and evaluation of the probability of default and the potential of your company.
Whether credit lines, mortgages, loans, investments...In the end you are at the mercy of your house bank.

Since December 2019 (The Basel Framework SCO30) there is good news for you!
With the introduction of the new standardization by the Basel Committee for Banks, your bank can no longer ignore an external rating you bring in.

You mandate us, we issue the rating assessment, you get your financing commitment.
Impartial, transparent, sustainable, professional and cost-efficient - your CFE-Rating!

In view of new standards and the constant change in the financing industry, it is crucial that Private Credit Ratings follow a recognized methodology and are comprehensible in terms of content. Transparency and international comparability are absolutely crucial.

  • Mezzanine financing (subordinated -, partner - ,Participatory loans, silent partnerships etc.)
  • Short-term external financing (supplier credit, current account credit, bill credits etc.)
  • Long-term external financing (investment credit, promissory note loans, variable interest bonds etc.)
  • Equity financing
  • Special forms of financing

No matter what type of financing you are looking for - a rating is the right choice for successful negotiations and the final conclusion of a contract on an equal footing.

As a recognized member of the German Federal Association of Rating Analysts, we follow not only the applicable international standards of the major rating agencies but also the association's recognized Code of Conduct. In combination with our own corporate philosophy and defined bylaws, the Code of Conduct listed below was adopted.  Our accredited credit rating analysts carry a seal of the German Federal Association and identify themselves as "Certified Rating Analysts" by an identification card.

Through the personal qualification of the rating analysts and compliance with our Code of Conduct, which each of our accredited "Certifed Rating Analysts", the CFE has laid the foundations for comprehensible assessments of creditworthiness in accordance with the recognized rules for the development of credit and corporate ratings.

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