Business Plan

The business plan is the communication tool for any form of financial discussion.
In order to be able to conduct financing discussions professionally, you need not only the right tools but also the necessary knowledge about what moves the negotiating partner on your side of the table.
We not only provide you with a framework that meets all market standards, but also combine standards with our expertise, which is adapted to each individual form of financing and negotiating partner.

Through our products which meet the highest possible qualitative standards you have the best platform for:
Negotiations with banks, subsidy institutions, Venture Capitalists, Consultants, cooperation partners.

Do you need a business plan for a specific purpose outside the traditional financing?
Then you might be interested in the following key subjects:

  • Establishment of a new company
  • Succession plan
  • Sale or acquisition of a company
  • Structural changes and reorientation
  • Fusion
  • Cooperation
  • New product launch
  • Expansion
  • Resources
  • Capital increase
  • Initial public offering
  • Applying for public funding
  • Obtaining extension loans from the bank
  • investment decisions
  • Strategic planning and budget projection in the operating business