CFE works out demand-oriented and long-term financing around your business concept.

We have access to:

  • 3,200 subsidy programs in Germany
  • 1,200 subsidy programs in Europe
  • 19,754 pages of subsidy guidelines (updated & analyzed daily)

Our daily updates guarantee highest standards:

  • about 100 programs are changing every month (our analysts & consultants have the overview)
  • daily changing conditions and requirements for the allocation of subsidies (in-house software validated on an hourly basis)

Why get annoyed with traditional banks when you can get up to 90% indemnification on subsidies with our help?!

Subsidies such as low-interest subordinated loans, lost, non-repayable investment grants, grants for investments, funds for R & D and guarantees are a necessary alternative to traditional bank financing.
Companies in distress, reorganization, future investments or restructuring measures, consolidation loans; for everything there are equity substitutes, guarantees, grants.
A subsidy check costs you little. An insolvency Everything!