Project planning & Financing

Project planning and required financing rarely fail because of an idea, but because of a resilient and effective concept.

The particular difficulty of project financing is access to risk capital with the usual equity capital weaknesses.
The challenges of successful project financing increase with commercial financing ambitions.
This makes project financing very difficult, even today.

CFE defines successful project financing with the idea of creative financing partners beyond "non-recourse" rates.

This means recording and sensitively reducing all risks of project financing, implanting the complement of well-known players in project implementation, supplementing warranties and guarantees and contractually binding exit partners.
Considering the usual equity capital weakness, we investigate stability factors of successful project financing.
As well as classical financing, CFE specialises in syndicated financing, private-equity, venture capital, investment financing/land, cloud finance.

Our services:

  • feasibility studies
  • environmental studies – approvals
  • due diligence
  • subsidies
  • location analyses - micro/macro / cluster / gentrification
  • supplier mile-stones
  • potential risks – operations structuring
  • human resources
  • project conclusions
  • finance

Further analysis focuses:

  • foreign locations
  • production locations
  • residential construction projects
  • commercial financing


The best ideas have failed because of mundane things… … financing