Real Estate Rating

100% transparent and resilient rating for your portfolio!

A real estate is an excellent collateral asset. Rather crisis-resistant, it is also known as "concrete gold".
The fact that real estates are therefore also primarily gladly secured by banks, institutes and other financiers, is little surprising.

As trustees for banks and real estate rating advisors, we know the requirements and valuation priorities. Pitfalls, and the variety of valuation methods are well known to our firm.
A major problem is that in most cases, real estates are not analyzed holistically and a high degree of subjectivity, by the financers, does not do justice to the actual potential of your real estate | portfolio.

Our holistic rating methodology makes us the perfect service provider if you want to use a solid rating report for meetings, negotiations or your own controlling.

Our track record is resilient. 
Every real estate rating provided by us is accepted and adopted by financial institutions.


Your advantages by using a CFE Real Estate Rating:

  • transparent and analytical & fully comprehensive consideration of the individual characteristics of your real estate
  • transparent rating reports, which are accepted by all financiers
  • improved creditworthiness & accurate evaluation of your property through CFE Rating
  • Real Estate is less collateralized in the context of the financing (increased strategic flexibility for the use of your property)
  • more attractive financing conditions


Our claim is solid and transparent (standardization):

  • S&P Expanded MME - Framework & Notation (Real Estate)
  • RICS: Royal Institute of chartered surveyors
  • Estate Rating Standards (2016): TEGoVA (Blue Book), HypCert, VPD, VÖB, DSGV
  • German Association of financial analysis & Asset Management (DVFA2-Nr. 04-06 Rating Standards)
  • ImmoWertV. (legal order of real estate valuations in Germany)
  • EU | ESMA Regulation: 1060 - 2009 | 513 - 2011 | 462 - 2013
  • ISO 9001 Certified "Financial Rating Advisory