Workout / Non Performing Loans

As an external partner and service provider, CFE provides efficient solution management for non-performing real estate loans (NPL).

We purchase claims and provide services for third party clients around real estate collateralized loan portfolios.
Our track record includes converted NPLs in the amount of 3.5 billion euros.
We are, among other things, a management partner, service provider in the "turn-around" segment and a close long-term partner to various credit institutions and their workout departments.


Professional workout management of NPL :

After being commissioned, our qualified task force teams immediately start analyzing and eliminating deficiencies, maintenance backlogs, vacancies and other administrative shortcomings in the collateral objects of such non-performing loans.
The necessary consolidation of property data and financial ratios as well as specific properties and characteristics of the residential complexes, their market positioning, history, tenants pp. provide us and the management with a solid foundation for reliable decisions. 
Constructive and highly professional intensive support for/against tenants, municipal administration and prospective tenants can also be provided by our team.