Financial Planning

Your future planning depends mainly on your wishes, but also on your financial possibilities.
Therefore, your future should be well planned, timelines and needs should be defined.

CFE captures all data of substance and values of hope of the client in analyses and the subsequent financial planning.
Market analyses, future simulations, risk factors and exit scenarios check the plausibility of implementation and debt service.
Thus, our clients receive important information about whether their goals and visions can become reality.

With more than 20 years of personal track record of successful financing of a wide range of players and target investments, we structure individual solution concepts regardless of industry and implement them with our clients.

Substance data, investment wishes, market analyses as well as viable financing components are depicted in verifiable financial/business plans in accordance with Basel IV. These plans prove the plausibility, debt service capability and sustainability of your ambitions.

Additional collateralization capabilities can be analyzed according to the certified competence of CFE with qualified valuations of your assets (business valuation/real estate).

For the financing of our clients, we sometimes recommend combinations of different financial building blocks, such as bank financing, mezzanine, subsidies, cloud finance, venture capital, equity funding pp.
The range of financial expertise demonstrated in the CFE regularly supports our clients successfully.

Another core competence of CFE is the assistance of companies in difficulties:

As licensed turn-around advisors, round table (KfW) as well as efficient ESUG proceedings, certified forced administrators, we support our clients where they are "better advised" in challenging times with the support of third parties.

CFE helps to eliminate existing cash-flow shortages, establishes moratoriums with your creditors and provides comprehensive support within the scope of a complete restructuring of your business and private financial circumstances with or without a continuation prognosis.


  • You are an entrepreneur and need a solid financing of your business / expansion ?
  • You want to refinance in times of low interest rates ?
  • You have a new - not proven business idea - and want to finance it ?
  • You want to hand over your life's work to the next generation ?
  • You want to sell your company to a third party ?
  • You need a recognized and independent company valuation ?
  • You want to invest money and build up assets and are looking for advice ?
  • Your company is in difficulties, possibly threatened with insolvency ?