Consolidation & Restructuring

Sometimes a company unintentionally gets into a predicament. Market developments, bad debt losses, order shortfalls can occur in the short term, poor equity capitalization and poor financing parameters can cause problems for the company in both the medium and long term.
Difficult situations can often cause decision mistakes that arise from a reactive position. Entrepreneurial problems and deterioration are then almost unavoidable.

CFE offers top consultants, expertise and an extensive network to find a solution for you. 
Thereby it is insignificant in which stage you approach us.

Our track record, based on successful restructurings, amounts to a volume of approx. 4 billion Euro.

We analyze your business, identify measures and advise you on the implementation and realization of concepts. If necessary, we work with you to design the necessary restructuring measures within the German Transformation Act (mergers, demergers, changes of legal form or asset transfers) or outside it (especially in the case of accrual and contribution).

If the crisis has developed to such an extent that restructuring measures no longer have any effect, we help you to liquidate your company. We also help you with individual advice on all insolvency law issues.

As licensed KfW consultants "Turn-Around", IHK "Round-Table", ESUG, moderation with creditors, justification of moratoriums incl. debt waiver negotiations in creditors' meetings, expert opinions with preparation of continuation reports up to liquidation activities as certified forced administrators; CFE has expertise and performance in every single facet of this consultation segment.


We will treat your inquiries on this subject with the utmost confidentiality. Contact us and today!