The CFE acts as a service provider, consultant and expert in various disciplines of economic activity with more than 25 years of professional experience and track record.
Quality and added value within the scope of each of our services are two of the basic elements and claims of our company.

The high level of professional expertise, the pooling of information and the constant review of our own level of expertise beyond our entire range of services generates value- and profit-oriented success! Successes that can be quantified, measured, sustainable and resilient. Annual reinvestments in training and qualification of our consulting teams ensure the highest contemporary quality of support according to the principles of value-oriented and holistic consulting services.
The entire process chain is based on the "market-to-customer" model.


The crucial factor is the functioning chemistry and the relationship of trust between the client and us. 
We present ourselves sustainably and proactively and stand for a trend-setting consulting concept and client relationship, which is often missing in consulting.


Demands of our clients (excerpt):

  • pointed analyses (tailored to your needs)
  • reliable information in asset management | portfolio management
  • transparently structured property management
  • expert opinions (processing | continuation | etc.)
  • company valuations
  • future-oriented and holistic strategy consulting
  • Processing of non-performing loans


Main service areas:

  • Management consulting
  • Rating reports for companies | real estate | crypto currencies | IPO
  • Strategy consulting
  • Due Diligence examination
  • Asset Management | Portfolio Management
  • property management
  • Transactions | Realization | Distressed Properties
  • Sales of receivables
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Company Succession


Clientele | Clients:

Medium-sized companies (SME), private real estate | portfolio owners and investors, property developers, municipalities, banks, family offices, insolvency administrators up to institutional investors such as life insurance companies and pension funds from Germany and abroad.
For almost fifteen years CFE has been a partner of reputable corporations of the upper middle class and private equity firms as well as the workout / intensive care departments of financial institutions.